Montsant – Hotel Restaurante

The church

The church is at the north end of the garden. There is a balcony with views over the town on top of the sacristy. Current archaeological digs around the church have revealed a neoclassical side-chapel and various Gothic vault elements, possibly belonging to the original cloister. Most remains include a royal coat of arms, along with one belonging to the Ferrer family, who were the mediaeval lords of Granja de la Costera and Manuel.

The monastery of Montsant once housed a mediaeval church constructed in the Gothic style, the interior decoration of which appears to have been given a Renaissance restoration in the 16th century. This church was then partially demolished and replaced with a neoclassical successor built between 1791 and 1796. The altars of the church revealed by the archaeological digs appear to have been dedicated to the Holy Christ, the Virgin and St. Bernard.

The monastery church has two entrances: one at the side, known as “the door of the deceased”, and the main (west-facing) portal.A third door provided access to the cloister. This cloister door also marks the burial place of Abbott Queixal of the Monastery of Poblet, who died a prisoner in Xàtiva Castle.