Montsant – Hotel Restaurante

An exceptional location

Montsant occupies a privileged place in the town of Xàtiva. It was built on an artificial platform that takes advantage of the angle formed by the eastern wall running down from the castle and the northern wall of the citadel, making it an excellent place from which to look out over the town.Standing halfway between the town and the castle, it enjoys the advantages of both and the disadvantages of neither. The Montsant is more tranquil than the town, with a microclimate that offers an improvement on that of the fortress.

The gardens and orchard of the Montsant offer, especially in spring and summer, many quiet corners in which to enjoy a read or stroll in the open air, without actually leaving the hotel.

The fortifications of the Castillo Menor, the Torre del Sol (“Sun Tower”) and the Penya Roja (“Red Rock”) come together to form a historical backdrop. The hill up to the castle, with its chapels, caves and rocky paths, offers a chance to take short walks through the heart of nature. A climb up to the still-extensive fortifications, with their ancient walls and towers, offers the visitor magnificent views of the valley of Xàtiva, the town’s surrounding countryside and its hilly backdrop.